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I would like this to be useful, a place where you can find information about the novels and where you can discover suggestions for further reading.


There’s a place where you can contact me and a guest comments section where you’ll find the comments of others and my responses where applicable. There will be updates and rework going on most likely for some time as new works are completed and incorporated.

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Alexander Travell


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I've inserted three entire stories for you to read free.  There are two old ones that didn't get many people's attention at the time, mostly for lack of dissemination, but you never know.  It's possible you may like them!



Click on Books, then select "A Campaign of Violence" or "There and Back" both written long before "A Game of Thrones" came about.

Also, the latest offering "An African Assignation" the story I revealed a piece at a time on facebook is available to read in its complete form.


To order books, either in paperback or e-form, make a comment or just leave a message please mail on: info@alexandertravell.com

I welcome positive feedback and take all critiscism on the chin.



For those curious people out there it's an interesting fact that the picture at the top can only be seen when in Lunar orbit. Any other time the earth sits consistently centre stage.



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