The Books

The stories available as paperback books so far:

An Afghan Affair

An Unusual Profession

A Law Unto Herself


The Amazon kindle E-books are available at 

alternatively mail me and I'll send you a PDF  

Some stories are free as PDF's the others just £3.00


You can also try by just googling Alexander Travell


An Afghan Affair  is available as a paperback via amazon or e-bay.

An Unusual Profession is now available in paperback as an on-line sale from this site.

price £6.50 including postage within the UK.

A Law Unto Herself is also now available in paperback as an on-line sale from this site. 

price £6.50 including postage within the UK


Mail me at to order or for details.


Reviews for:

An Unusual Profession;

Shaun from Bedfordshire; "Excellent story. Five stars."

Maggie from Hampshire; "Loved it."


A Law Unto Herself;

Shaun from Bedfordshire; "Very Gripping"

Moz from Telford; "What a character."


Carl from Bedfordshire;

"When I started reading I simply couldn't put these stories down"


There are more stories to come.  

Another three in what has turned out to be a double trilogy, A Greater Game, An Accident Waiting and An Idea in Development.



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