An African Assignation




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This story is has been maturing for some time, at first an idea to write another drama with a romantic theme on the lines of An Afghan Affair. But it turned out to be different.  I suppose nothing stays the same, it is after all a different story and that it was first released bit by bit as a weekly reveal may have changed its character.


As usual I must thank my good lady wife Lesley not only for being the wonderful person she is and for being my wife and my life but also for her forbearance to my hours absorbed in the MacBook Air.

This story, like An Afghan Affair is for her.


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An African Assignation


The survey analysis Joanne Fletcher is working on does not look good and it’s down to Joanne to explain why. The data is corrupted at source and unfortunately the source is with the seismic team deep in the African Jungle. To London office based Joanne the entire African continent is a wild and dangerous place where anything can happen and if anyone must tread those exotic shores it should not be her. 

Joanne may not like or agree with her assignment but she not alone on the flight into the heart of the Dark Continent. 

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